About Nomad Inkzone

At Nomad Inkzone, we believe in making every Tattoo Personalised and Unique,We pride ourselves on our custom designs and customer centric approach. we take hygiene and safety very seriously. Our tattoo studio is known for quality service.In our Tattoo Studio we never reuse ink or needles. For every client and every tattoo we use a new sterile needle which is immediately discarded in a bio hazard-safe container after our work is finished.

In the drawing, we prefer bright colors and detailed study of the drawing. "The very figure, namely its content and place of its application should be harmoniously combined with the person." we believe that the main art and search is in the tattoo, therefore we like to experiment with different styles, creating unique artwork.

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Bhagsunag road, Next to Tibetan settelment office Mcleodganj, Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh 176219
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